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Program participants will have the one-to-one support of a Youth Outreach Worker available to assist in areas of identified need, including, but not limited to:



Provide job searching techniques and help with resume, cover letter and interview preparation. We work to teach the skills needed to attain and maintain a job


Help Black youth and families identify and articulate their integration needs. Provide resources and programs to help build community connections.


Help find suitable, and affordable housing through housing support programs and apartment searching techniques.  Provide landlord and tenant responsibility to ensure sustainable and safe housing.


Transition support from different levels of education. Advocate for equal treatment and support within the school to support youth in their process to make positive choices towards their education.

Youth Justice System

Raise awareness of—and facilitate access to—locally available prevention and intervention resources and legal assistance.

Mental Health Services

Counseling supports, workshops and referral services designed to address mental health concerns expressed by youth

Supportive Counseling

Provide short-term supportive counseling when services are not readily available in areas like trauma, addiction, anxiety and more